black eyed pea stew in bowl

Black eyed pea stew

Ginny had the day off from fluting activities so she concocted this delicious recipe. I am pretty picky about vegetarian recipes. I want something that will fill me up and stay with me for several hours. Beans are always a great option as the main ingredient because they have so […]

falael with sauce

Falafel With Tzatziki Sauce

We spent the weekend at a friend’s lakehouse on Beaver Lake and indulged in all the things…barbeque, beer, cliff jumping, just your regular weekend adulting. Fortunately, no one was impaled but the moon did shine brightly at midday. Things have finally begun to settle down at our new house, but […]

buddha bowl prep

Spicy Buddha Bowls with Tahini Sauce

The search for great hot sauces is a neverending journey. There are those like Louisiana Hot Sauce that go great with Cajun and similar foods and then those like Sriracha that work with Thai food and then the homemade green and red Mexican sauces that are a must with authentic […]