coconut curry soup in bowl closeup

Coconut Curry Soup With Chicken

You are gonna love this soup! I was exhausted after the work week so Ginny did some of her magic on this one. It reminded me of a coconut soup I had in an expensive Thai restaurant once. It has delightful hints of ginger, lime and spice. I love going […]

Pad Thai with Shrimp

Ahhhh, Pad Thai. That ubiquitous dish that isn’t even really Thai…?! Yes, that’s right, but who cares. It’s delicious! I had made some Vietnamese lettuce wraps with shrimp to crunch on and sooth my stresses and needed something more substantial to go with it. Pad Thai was just right. I […]

panang curry with mango

Panang Curry with Salmon and Mango

Panang curry is probably my favorite Thai dish. The tang of ground red peppers mixed with hints of coconut milk, lime and brown sugar to add just a hint of sweetness make this curry a delight. I knew I wanted a Thai curry last night, but wanted to branch out a bit […]