creamy tomato ravioli closeup

Creamy Tomato Ravioli Soup

The last few days have put a chill in my bones, but that didn’t stop us from doing some nature exploring over the weekend. We went to Lost Valley near the Buffalo River…one of the most beautiful spots in Arkansas. It sits on the upper reaches of the picturesque Buffalo […]

spicy shrimp and corn chowder

Spicy shrimp and corn chowder

26 degrees. That’s what the thermometer will register tomorrow tonight. I will be hiding under two layers of covers with a belly full of spicy shrimp and corn chowder. I love curry spice so much I decided to put it in this chowder along with some smoked paprika. If you […]

beef stew

Beef stew with fresh vegetables

Fall is officially here and memories of food from my childhood have been in the front of my brain. One of the earliest things I remember eating as a child was my mom’s homemade stew. The ingredient list is simple, but the flavor is 100 PERCENT satisfying. As soon as […]