simple meals

beef and mushroom stew up close

Paleo Beef and Mushroom Stew

Maybe I am jumping the gun, but I feel like it is stew time already. I noticed the first bit of leaf color change on the cherry trees in my yard. This means several things: campfires are close at hand, I can sleep under some real covers and pumpkins are […]

sweet potato and carrot curry with spoon

Sweet Potato and Carrot Curry

I have decided sweet potatoes are the best food on Earth. You can do so many things with them: baked, fries, curried, casserole….the list goes on. It’s hard for me to believe these orange jewels are actually better for you than their starchier, white cousins. They have become one of […]

veggie soup close up

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

Sometimes the simple things are best. Rainy evenings, hot showers and a generous heaping of fresh vegetables simmered in a tomato and bean soup. Since I have been doing the Paleo diet and Ginny is doing her own thing, our kitchen tastes don’t often coincide, except for soup. We can […]

corned beef up close

Corned Beef Brisket

I never knew how good corned beef could be until recently. We were vacationing in Maine with our friends Kristy and Kyle, and our priority was seafood and lobster. Obviously. We’d had a couple of good meals, but overall, we were sort of striking out on the exceptional seafood restaurant […]

blackened chicken with salsa and rice and beans

Blackened Chicken with Blueberry Salsa

If you go to Maine, you must eat blueberries. This is not optional. I have really enjoyed eating a lot of fruit since I started the Paleo diet, but nothing compares to the blueberries of Maine. We hiked in several different spots in Acadia National Park and everywhere we looked […]