sweet potato and aple tart with pecans from front

Sweet Potato and Apple Tart

This sweet potato and apple tart is the gold mine of desserts for Paleo-inclined folks like me. Finding something to satisfy your sweet tooth on a Paleo diet can be challenging. I had to say goodbye to late night binging on brownies and other sugar treats. However, there is a […]

paleo veggie stuffing from front

Roasted Veggie Paleo Stuffing

If you like vegetables and you like Thanksgiving, then you’re gonna like this. Ginny is always itching to throw in a new dish into our repertoire of Thanksgiving faire. She has stuffed pumpkins with sausage and peppers, made mulled wine, homemade applesauce and other things. This Paleo stuffing was something […]


Simple Roasted Broccoli

If you want more vegetables in your diet, but you think you don’t like them or you just don’t know how to prepare them other than steaming or boiling, I have some great news for you. I, like most of you, grew up eating canned vegetables or fresh veggies that […]

squash casserole on fork

Squash Casserole

Nothing says summer like fresh squash casserole! This is my first time to experiment with a full vegetable garden. While there have been some casualties, the squash is not among them. It is vibrant and delicious. Check out these blossoms. My next order of culinary business is to make some […]