salmon and quinoa bowls

Quinoa And Salmon Bowls

Veggies are important, salmon is delicious and tahini makes a great sauce. These were the thoughts going through my head when I put together these Salmon and quinoa bowls. It turns out that quinoa is ok to eat on a Paleo diet because it is not a grain. It’s a […]

salmon dip with carrots and crackers

Smoked Salmon Dip

For salmon lovers, this recipe is a must. It’s super easy and a very filling appetizer or side to your meal. I did a Paleo version of it, making my own Paleo mayo. It was sooooo easy and better than regular mayo in my humble culinary opinion. It’s definitely something […]

asian shrimp and veggie bowls

Asian Shrimp and Veggie Bowls

In preparation for the overindulgence of Thanksgiving, it seems fitting that we make a light dish with some shrimp and veggies. Ginny has been making up a lot of delicious sauces lately and has really outdone herself with this one. The sauce fuses together soy sauce, olive oil, coconut milk […]

shrimp salad up close

Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Salad

We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Maine and had our fill of lobster and various other seafoods. I would highly recommend going to Maine for anyone who likes good seafood, beautiful rocky beaches and some of the best scenery on the east coast. It’s a hidden gem. […]