slice of gingerbread on plate up close

Banana and Sweet Potato Bread

Who wants some banana and sweet potato bread? Dumb question, right? But really folks, there are more ways to make banana bread out there than there are monkeys. I haven’t done a recent count, but I’m willing to bet at least a few bucks on this one. Banana bread is […]

gingerbread cookies on plate two

Gingerbread cookies

Ginny was on a pretend cooking show this past weekend. The contestants were her, Kitty and our friend, Jackie. I was the guy in the audience making “ooh” and “ahh” comments. I did not imagine making gingerbread cookies would be so involved. We did, however, get to take full advantage […]

family picture

Gingerbread house and more

This has been one of the better Christmas holidays in recent years. Both my brother and sister were in town, which is rare these days. Kara (upper left in picture) lived in the St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, for six years as a boat captain until Hurricane Irma swept mass […]