Easy and quick dinner ideas to help you get an a healthy dinner on the table fast!

blackened salmon with blueberry mint sauce

Blackened Salmon With Blueberry Mint Sauce

Farmers’ Market in Fayetteville was bursting with color and flavor on Saturday. I stopped by around 9am for a cooking local class and took a stroll around the market afterwards where some lovely unsprayed blueberries caught my eye. Right next to them was a beautiful green basket of fresh mint. […]

chicken tikka masala with rice in tourenes

Chicken Tikka Masala

This dish should really be called Chicken Tikka Masala 2.0. I looked back at my early recipe for the dish and decided it needed a few upgrades. Namely, the chicken kabobs needed more time to marinade and then go onto the grill before going in the pan with the sauce. […]

Lemon Garlic Stuffed Trout

In the stream…this is how I would describe the last week of our lives. Ginny and I went on a five day wilderness float with her parents this past week. It was fabulous beyond words. We floated and camped on the last 25 miles of the Lower Buffalo River Wilderness […]