Easy and quick dinner ideas to help you get an a healthy dinner on the table fast!

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Chicken Tikka Masala

I’m back at the Indian food table again. I just can’t seem to get away from it! I find that rotating in a good Indian dish every few weeks is just right to prevent me from getting too saturated with the rich flavors in the cuisine of the subcontinent. Tikka masala is […]

Black bean and guacamole tacos

The biblical flood of spring finally let up today and gave us a chance to get out and explore nature a little. We checked out Murray Falls on remote highway 23 in northwest Arkansas also known as the “pig trail” due to the winding nature of this highway. The water […]

Vietnamese chicken salad with rice noodles

This weekend has been full of record-breaking rainfall and thunderstorms in Northwest Arkansas. I considered breaking out a kayak to float into town but opted against it due to the constant bursts of lightning coming out of the sky. I was really bummed about missing an opportunity to go camping […]


Chi-lah-kee-les…I have to admit that I was inspired to make these Mexican delights because I wanted to say the word chilaquiles over and over again. Last night I had the leftovers of a rotisserie chicken, a white onion, several locally made white corn tortillas and a good helping of ancho […]

Panang Curry

The only thing that compares to a really good Indian curry for me is a good Thai curry. Panang is my favorite of the Thai curries because it has so many different flavors and is relatively simple to make. So if you are feeling like I did today, that you […]